CamsWeb - Real Estate


CamsWeb real estate is an extremely user-friendly tool for error reporting, scheduled service maintenance, quality assurance of regulatory requirements, media monitoring, document management, contract monitoring, Systematic Fire protection Work and a variety of digitized intelligent protocols.


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CamsWeb - Public Error Reporting

CamsWeb - Public Error Reporting gives the public the opportunity to report errors on public beaches, playgrounds, street lighting, parks, water sewage and sanitation etc.

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CamsWeb SFP & Safety

In SFP (Systematic Fire Protection Work) & Security includes SFP rounds, Technology Rounds , Alarm Rounds , and the regulatory requirements that current real estate carries.
In common with other functions in CamsWeb Real Estate is the superior simplicity.

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CamsWeb software family for real estate, vehicles and public Error reporting is a powerful tool designed to help our clients to keep track of the business. There may be such as quality assurance of regulatory requirements, maintenance, servicing and documentation.

The system also handles Error reporting, consumption monitoring, cost and other event monitoring. We also work with the company Concode thereby obtaining access to DOX, their web-based document management. In DOX you can put up all kinds of documentation with Full version management for anytime, anywhere access to these over the Web.