CamsWeb - Real Estate


CamsWeb real estate is an extremely user-friendly tool for error reporting, scheduled service maintenance, quality assurance of regulatory requirements, media monitoring, document management, contract monitoring, Systematic Fire protection Work and a variety of digitized intelligent protocols.


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CamsWeb - Public Error Reporting

CamsWeb - Public Error Reporting gives the public the opportunity to report errors on public beaches, playgrounds, street lighting, parks, water sewage and sanitation etc.

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CamsWeb SFP & Safety

In SFP (Systematic Fire Protection Work) & Security includes SFP rounds, Technology Rounds , Alarm Rounds , and the regulatory requirements that current real estate carries.
In common with other functions in CamsWeb Real Estate is the superior simplicity.

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CamsWeb Fastighet Publik Felanmälan CamsWeb Fordon


CamsWeb Solutions AB is a company that develops CamsWeb, a maintenance system for the real estate and automotive industry a quality assurance for your company equipment. We at CamsWeb Solutions has taken on usability, and developed a system to include cost control documentation and regulatory requirements.

CamsWeb is developed under the mottoeasy to use to be used."